Rockville Councilmember Mark Pierzchala endorses Rose Krasnow for County Executive 

Dear Friends,

We will have a new County Executive for the first time in 12 years and we will also have several new County Council members. More than ever, we need a strong County Executive who can lead us into a new era, even as a new County Council finds its footing.

As a Rockville Councilmember, I have watched carefully how the County’s performance impacts our fine City. While Rockville has a good relationship with Montgomery County, we have been adversely impacted for years by too-slow school construction and maintenance, and inadequate transportation funding. I also believe that Montgomery County does not fully appreciate the importance and contributions of its municipalities.

I have known Rose Krasnow for years. She was a very capable Rockville Mayor and knew how each part of our community contributed. She would often fashion agreement from diverse opinions and personalities. Her work was effective in many ways including laying the groundwork for a new Rockville Town Center and founding our economic development agency. She has always been a champion for neighborhoods.

Rose Krasnow knows that Montgomery County must do a much better job of providing classrooms and transit while preserving excellent services. Rose has a vision and she solves problems. She knows people, she knows business, she knows local government, and she knows governance. I believe that Rose Krasnow is the best candidate to succeed Ike Leggett and to take this County forward.

Mark Pierzchala,
Rockville Councilmember

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