Protecting our Earth, today and every day

April 22 is Earth Day, here and throughout the country. It’s a day to be celebrated, an opportunity to pause and reflect and protect the world around us; to make one small change in our daily routines that show we respect and cherish the very environment that nourishes us, from which we draw sun, light, water and air.

This means paying attention to how we use (or waste) water. To how we travel to work or school. Consider using transit. Composting. Turning off unneeded lights. Recycling. You can help reduce pollution just by putting that soda or beer can in the right bin. Avoiding putting chemicals on your lawn. Please don’t litter. And don’t use plastic straws. These may be little things, but they add up. Please do your part as a personal tribute to Earth Day, to the environment.

Earth Day is also about climate change. Climate change is very real, as proven by the scientific community. It is one of my top priorities to expand a smart growth agenda within Montgomery County through well-planned communities and more transportation alternatives to single occupancy travel. This is paramount to our environmental health, given the increasing population and development of Montgomery County.

We need to grow in smarter ways. We have already laid the foundation for a greener Montgomery County. Our Agricultural Reserve prevents sprawl, while encouraging sustainable farming. The Building Energy Benchmarking Law requires commercial property owners to publicly disclose their energy use. The International Green Construction Code, now taking effect, will ensure greener buildings, such as the new LEED platinum Planning Commission headquarters currently being built in Wheaton.

We are taking the right steps. We need to do much more. Please join me in making today—and every day—a very special day for the future of our environment.

Rose Krasnow