Our current transportation policy is not working

Dear friends,

Our current transportation policy is not working. As we open areas to development we say we are going to balance them with transportation – but in fact the growth goes forward and the roads do not. There is a lack of political will that stops us from providing the needed infrastructure. That must change.

Mid-County highway to Clarksburg is stalled. Extending the planned Montrose Parkway east lacks support. The Corridor City Transitway languishes. We have to move BOLDLY on stalled projects. And make those moves now to alleviate congestion on I-270 and the American Legion Bridge. That’s necessary now, to alleviate traffic today and for generations to come.

If traffic is the top priority of Montgomery County residents, elected officials owe it to them to solve it. What we’ve been doing is not adequate. It’s time to let someone new take the lead, to offer fresh ideas.

We do need Bus Rapid Transit on Rt. 29 to accommodate the growth of FDA and the new hospital coming to White Oak. I’ll work with Howard County to extend BRT from Columbia to Silver Spring, and with Frederick County to improve transit and travel options in the I-270 corridor. The TOP priority for me is Metro, which will connect with The Purple Line and that will certainly help alleviate east-west congestion. We’ve must stay committed to improving our transit options!

Investing in a BALANCED set of transit and road improvements that connect our region together and provide the new capacity we need in key corridors, will get us moving again and dramatically reduce congestion for years to come.

The choice we face is clear: Invest in transportation now, or bring our local economy to a grinding halt.

As someone said to me recently, while Maryland keeps talking, Virginia is doing, and that is not fair to our residents. We need to take action now! 

Thank you!

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