When it comes to business, we must step up our game

Business gets a bad rap in Montgomery County – but it’s undeserved. Too few people realize that businesses fund many of the county’s social service programs through the business taxes they pay. These significant taxes also serve to reduce the tax burden on our residents. In addition, our businesses support many philanthropic endeavors.

Montgomery County should be attractive to business. Yet we don’t make it easy for businesses like this yoga studio to locate here. We spend very limited dollars on marketing and incentives. Our regulatory process is complex. We take tough state regulations and we make them even tougher, simply because we can.

As county executive, I would reach out to businesses to let them know they are appreciated. I would expand our workforce development efforts to make sure that businesses can fill the positions they have open and that our residents have access to higher paying jobs. I would open new business incubators because technology is changing so rapidly. Who knows, we might just produce the next Amazon!

I believe that active, aggressive economic development is essential to our future success. It’s a very competitive world out there and if we want to be a player, we must step up our game.

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