Seniors comprise almost one-fourth of Montgomery County's population and represent the fastest growing segment of our population. Many of our seniors still work, are very active and in great health. That's why we have so many terrific activities for those aged 55-and-older and why the county needs to tailor additional programs in the future to meet their needs. 

As county executive, I will advocate for a broad spectrum of programs and services aimed at serving seniors. In addition to those currently offered at five senior centers and 13 programs for 55+ active adults, I would support more workforce development programs. Many of our seniors are not ready to retire and this would be a way for them to get the training or certifications needed to pursue a new career. 

I would also expand volunteer opportunities for seniors to enable them to make a greater contribution to our community. There is a great need for tutoring and mentoring, and county seniors are a great group to provide those services. I would actively work with Montgomery County Public Schools and other educational institutions to develop programs that would better engage those seniors who are interested in helping both youth and adults improve their language, math or science skills.

I also would support the “villages” concept in which residents in certain neighborhoods come together to help older residents age in place. Many of our seniors do not want to move but may need help getting to medical appointments, shoveling snow and maintaining their properties. Villages can improve the quality of life of our residents and should be expanded.

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