The Washington region purportedly has the worst traffic congestion in the nation. Although our master plans are balanced in terms of new development and infrastructure, too often that new infrastructure isn't funded. It took years of struggle to get the Purple Line under construction and the Corridor Cities Transitway is still little more than a vision. There is also no funding for completing Mid-County highway, even though several of our county master plans assumed capacity from that road. The recent problems experienced by our Metrorail system have led to a decrease in transit ridership and a corresponding increase in automobiles on our roads.   

As county executive, I would champion full, continued funding for Metro. Fortunately, Maryland, Virginia and the District have recently committed to a guaranteed source of funding to Metro- that's so very important in the region. In addition, while I do not think that building more and bigger roads will solve our transportation problems, I believe that providing some additional road capacity is essential to address the needs of county residents who have grown increasingly frustrated with the amount of time they spend stuck in traffic. 

I would support building Mid-County Highway, perhaps as a parkway to reduce its impacts. I also think we need the Corridor Cities Transitway, which could be built through a public private partnership. I also want to work with state leadership to see what improvements make sense to relieve the highly congested conditions on I-270 and the American Legion Bridge. As someone said to me recently, while Maryland keeps talking, Virginia is doing, and that is not fair to our residents. We need to take action now!

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